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AB1 Golden Gloves Awards- August 2019

By Ian Townsend

We have a new sponsor for our Golden Gloves Awards- and you might be surprised to find out who!

Before we announce the winners of our Golden Gloves Awards for the first month of the season, you might be interested in finding out the details of our new sponsor? The likelihood is that he will be rather familiar to you!

Premier League winner and international goalkeeper Asmir Begovic will be best known for his work between the posts, particularly for Stoke City, Chelsea and AFC Bournemouth. But he also has his own company- AB1 Goalkeeping- who provide magnificent products for discerning goalkeepers everywhere- and we are lucky enough to have them as sponsors of our Golden Gloves Award. As they explain:

'AB1 Goalkeeping was the brainchild of one of the Premier League’s leading goalkeepers, Asmir Begovic. With his 15 years’ experience playing at the highest levels of top-flight international football, plus a development team with over 20 years’ experience of developing first-class goalkeeping products, we have a range of equipment to suit all levels of the game, from Grass Roots Football to the Premier League.'

So there you have it. We’d like to wish Asmir the best of luck for the season, and to thank him for his support. Our first set of winners are below:

Premier Division

We’re going to start at Coles Park, where Haringey Borough have started the new season in magnificent style, winning five of their six matches and conceding only four goals. That earns the side in yellow our first Premier Division AB1 Golden Gloves Award of the season, because although other clubs tied with them for goals conceded, Borough had the best overall record. Congratulations to Tom Loizou’s side for having a mean defence!

North Division

We head to Essex for our first award of the new season, and we’re going to West Street, home of Coggeshall Town. Our supporters decided that the Seed Growers were the title favourites, and Town have done little to disappoint them, remaining unbeaten- but also, more importantly for this award, conceding only two goals. Congratulations to the meanest defence in the North Division.

South Central Division

Westfield had a magnificent first campaign in the Isthmian League, and have started their second season as they played most of the first, with a string of victories. They remain unbeaten, but we’re celebrating their prowess in defence, and that has been particularly mean, being breached only once during August. Congratulations go to all at Woking Park, which is where our first AB1 Golden Gloves Award will be heading.

South East Division

We’ve gone through a selection of mean defences, but as should always happen when award winners are announced, we’ve left the best one until last. Hastings United perhaps haven’t scored as many goals as manager Chris Agutter would have liked, but at the other end they’ve been meaner than the Grinch, more secure than the Bank of England, tighter than a…actually, we’ll stop there. The records tell the story- four League matches, zero goals conceded. Our AB1 Golden Gloves Award is off to Pilot Field, although they might have the place so secure it will fail to get in!

Thanks to AB1 Goalkeeping for being our sponsors. You can take a look at their magnificent products- and they don’t just sell gloves- by heading HERE.

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